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Member Benefits & FAQ's


  • Over The Hill Gang Only Races! Short days!

  • Two races per month at normally scheduled race events all over Central & Northern California.

  • You do not need to stop racing GFI, AMP, CMC, CMA, OTMX or any other events to become an active member.

  • Fair classes with NO sandbagging permitted

  • Fun, clean racing with friends

  • A REAL beginner class!

  • Annual points ranking and number plates

  • A National Championship Series with other Gang chapters

  • Classes for Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Expert, and Master skill levels

  • Classes for 30+, 38+, 45+, 52+, 58+, 65+, and women

  • You must be 30 years or older to join, 25 years for women.


What is the OTHG (Over the Hill Gang)?

The Over The Hill Gang is one of the largest Veteran Motocross Clubs in the country. OTHG was established in 1974 in Southern California, with five chapters (Sierra, South, Reno, Central, and Bay Area) membership of over 1,000 Veteran Motocross racers. The OTHG is open to racers 30 years old and older. We offer five different skill levels - Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Expert and Master. With all five classes having six age brackets; 30+, 38,+ 45+, 52+, 58+, 65+ and Women.

What if I am under 30, can I still race OTHG Events?

Yes you can. You can race in the support classes. The OTHG has support classes for all bike sizes.


How much does it cost to join?

The cost for is $40 annually.


What Chapter should I join?

You are free to join any chapter. A good rule of thumb is to join the Chapter that is nearest to your home and where you currently race. Because of proximity to each other the Bay and Sierra chapters often promote races together.


Do I have to race only events my chapter is putting on or can I race any OTHG event?

You are free to race any OTHG event. The only events that have stipulations are the National events. You must race two regular races before attending an OTHG national.


Can I keep my current racing number or do I have to take one assigned by OTHG?

It is possible to keep your current number, unless another rider in the OTHG chapter you join already has it. Numbers 1-25 are reserved for the top 25 riders. Check with the chapter you are thinking about joining as to which numbers are available. You will have to add a letter to your number which will represent the Chapter you have joined.


What do the letters after the numbers represent and am I required to use a letter?

The letters represent your chapter.

B – Bay Area Chapter

G – South Chapter

R – Reno Chapter

S – Sierra Chapter

V – Valley Chapter

You are required to run your letter on all three of your number plates to be scored.


I heard you have to have a certain colored background?

That is correct. The colored backgrounds help us police practices, races and help everyone identify the skill level of the rider. The current color requirements are:

Beginner - Green Backgrounds with White numbers

Novice - Yellow Backgrounds with Black numbers

Inter - Black Backgrounds with White numbers

Expert - White Backgrounds with Black numbers

Master - White Backgrounds with Black numbers


I have seen some riders with Red or Blue backgrounds, what class are they?

Red or blue backgrounds with white numbers are national champions


What is an eval race?

An eval race is an evaluation race. It is used to determine the proper class for you to race in. During you eval races you may actually race more than 1 class to see where you fit best.


What class should I sign up for during my eval?

If you have raced before a good rule of thumb is that you should race up one class from a standard AMP, E Street, CMC class. For example if you race 30+ Novice in AMP, you should do your first eval in 30+ Intermediate.


I have seen some riders wearing an OTHG jersey. Is it required?

No, it is no longer required to wear an OTHG jersey.


Are transponders mandatory?

Yes, they are required. Scoring by MyLaps / Speedhive Click HERE for transponder info

All Bay OTHG members will need to purchase their personnel transponder directly from MyLaps.

We will have a limited supply for rent at each local event but strongly encourage each member to purchase his or her own personal unit.  This unit will be associated with you in the software and will expedite registration and recognize your unit every time you cross the scoring loop. Scoring loops will be installed at every track we race. Here is a link to MyLAPS for more information and or to buy.

We also use the Classic MyLaps Transponder. Typically these are found used.

The new units are warranted for three years and are rechargeable.  Life span is expected to be well in excess of 5 years.  The units attach to your left fork using the included clip. Each member will be required to have a unit on their bike at our events, fully charged. 

Members racing their Eval race are not to use a transponder. Only classified OTHG Members need to use the transponder.

Our support classes do not require a transponder.

If you have any questions, please contact a Board Member.


Do I need anything special to do my eval races?

No, just join the club, pick a class and race. I recommend showing up a little early to make sure you have time for the paperwork.


Do I have to have my number and letter set up on my bike before my eval race?

No, you will be given a temporary race number for your eval day. You will be given a printed paper number that you simply stick to your number plates. You will also be given a colored vest to wear to make it easier for the Race Director to watch your race.


I want to sign up for the Expert class; do I have to ride an eval race?

No, if you are already an experienced racer and feel that you should join the gang in the Expert or Master class, you do not need to do an eval race.


What do I have to do in order to be eligible for the OTHG Nationals?

You must be current on your membership and must have raced 2 events in the previous 365 days prior to the national. The two prior races MUST be in the class you are racing at the national.


Do my eval races count towards National eligibility?

Yes they do. You must complete 2 eval races and then the Race Directors (RD's) will instruct you what to do from there.


Since I am racing expert and don’t have to do evals, do I still need to get 2 races in to be eligible for the National?

Yes, you still must participate in at least 2 events, prior to the event.


What is a Gang Only day and is it safe to bring my family?

A gang only day is a race/event that is promoted by the OTHG. A gang only day is usually much shorter than a standard race day. Sometimes the event will begin AFTER a regular promoter’s Saturday practice.


The gang promotes shorter race days, but how can they be shorter if they race with another promoter?

The “gang only” days are usually much shorter than a standard race day. Sometimes we piggyback other races to provide those members who like to race with other promoters or that would like to race multiple classes a chance to do so.


Can I race multiple classes?

You cannot run more than 1 OTHG class, however if we are running an event with another promoter you are free to sign up for whichever non OTHG classes you are eligible for.


The club promotes no sandbagging and fair racing, how do people get advanced and who do bring up questions to if we feel someone is racing in the wrong class?

There is a race director(s) that watch all races. You can find the name and contact information for your chapter’s race director on your chapter’s website.

































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